Virtual Option 1
Pediatric Sedation Outside the OR
Sedation Provider (10.5 Hours)

All lectures will be available on-demand and can be accessed for up to 30 days.
The course will be available for access in September. Registration is available through January 31, 2022. Each video lecture will be 30 minutes in duration.
  1. 2021 Updates The Newest Guidelines, Policies and Statements from the United States and Europe
    Timothy Martin, MD, MBA, FASA
  2. The Pre-Sedation Evaluation: Seeking and Identifying the Most Important Risks
    Mohamed Mahmoud, MD 
  3. The Obese Child: Assessment and Management
    Lori Aronson, MD
  4. Capnography: Let’s Review the Essentials
    Bhavani Kodali, MD 
  5. Moderate Sedation: Exploring the Options
    Isabela-Cajiao Angelelli, MD
  6. Alternate Routes of Sedation: Nasal and Intramuscular
    Egidio Barbi, MD
  7. Sedation For Radiological Imaging: Exploring the Options
    M. Saif Siddiqui, MD   
  8. Ketofol: Why, When, How and What dose?
    Mark Roback, MD  
  9. Oral Sedation: Should We Still Use It?
    Neena Seth, FRCA
  10. New Sedation Options: Remimazolam and a New Oral Midazolam
    Keira P. Mason, MD
  11. Building a Sedation Program From Ground Zero: A Comprehensive Step-By-Step
    Douglas Carlson, MD   
  12. Adverse Events in Sedation: Risk and Reduction
    Gary Andolfatto, MD, FCFP (EM), BSc  
  13. How Long Should Fasting Be?  The Newest Data and Guidelines
    Nicola Disma, MD
  14. Does Sedation Harm the Developing Brain: What To Tell Parents?
    Laszlo Vutskits, MD, PhD   
  15. Considerations When Sedating for Emergent Procedures
    John Berkenbosch, MD, FAAP, FCCM 
  16. The Practical Aspects of Designing A Sedation Simulation Program for Training 
    David Young, MD, MEd, MBA, FAAP, FASA   
  17. Expect the Best Through Preparing for the Worst: Video Illustration of Sedation Safety Gaps
    Jonathan Chiles, MD  
  18. How to Optimize Family Centered Sedation Services
    Piet Leroy, MD, PhD
  19. It’s Not an Illusion: Magic Tricks and Sedation
    Kevin Spencer, M.Ed., BS 
  20. Dexmedetomidine: Teach Me Something New!
  21. What’s New in ICU Sedation? The Newest Techniques
    Chinyere Egbuta, MD