Virtual Option 2
Pediatric Dental Sedation Outside the OR
Dental Sedation Provider (8.0 Hours)

All lectures will be available on-demand and can be accessed for up to 30 days.
The course is available now through January 31, 2022. Each video lecture will be 30 minutes in duration.
Please check with your State Board to verify, as requirements differ from state to state.
  1. Dental Sedation Post-COVID-19: Are There Any Take Away Messages and Long Lasting Sequela?
    Steve Yun, MD
  2. Bring Me Up To Date! Dental Guidelines, Policies and Statements
    James Tom, DDS, MS, DADBA
  3. The Pre-Sedation Evaluation Seeking and Identifying the Most Important Risks
    Mohamed Mahmoud, MD
  4. Capnography: Let’s Review The Essentials
    Bhavani Kodali, MD
  5. Implementing Checklists, Flowcharts and Algorithms for Pediatric Dental Sedation
    James Tom, DDS, MS, DADBA
  6. Non-Pharmacologic Approaches to the Behaviorally Challenged
    Dimitris Emmanouil, DDS, MS, PhD
  7. Pediatric Dental Sedation : New Approaches, Techniques and Strategies
    Steve Yun, MD
  8. A Fresh Look at Oral Sedation: There’s a Time and Place
    Paul Chu, DDS
  9. Enteral Sedation: Case Study
    Paul Chu, DDS
  10. Nitrous Oxide: The Best Strategies and Scenarios to Optimize Success
    Dimitris Emmanouil, DDS, MS, PhD
  11. Unanticipated Adverse Events in the Dental Setting: Preparing for an Emergency
    Jason Brady, DMD
  12. Does Sedation Harm the Developing Brain: What To Tell Parents ?
    Laszlo Vutskits, MD, PhD
  13. Sedation Renovation: Configuring Your Pediatric Sedation Practice for Improved Safety, Efficiency, and Economy
    George Jaber, DDS, DADBA
  14. The Painful Process of Discovery - Legal Process in Dental Sedation Malpractice
    Doris Cheng, Esq
  15. How Long Should Fasting Be?: The Newest Data and Guidelines
    Nicola Disma, MD
  16. Pediatric Dentistry vs. Pediatric Oral Surgery: Clinical Decision Making for Dental Procedures with Sedation in a Dental Office
    Jenny Wong, DMD, MD